Rhyme and Reason: Reflections on a Changing UK

Photo: Iwan Bala
Photo: Iwan Bala

The H’mm Foundation commissioned me to write and read 2 poems about the debate on UK Devolution from a Northern Irish perspective in an evening of Poetry and Music along with Gillian Clarke, Jasmine Donahaye, Christine De Luca.

Millennium Centre, Cardiff  11th Sept 2014


The Scottish Referendum
















* Carraig Uisneach is a rock jutting out from the north-eastern tip of Ireland which was from ancient times a point of arrival from and departure for Scotland.

Deirdre of the Sorrows risked returning to it from safe haven in Scotland with the three Sons of Uisneach: her lover, Naisi and his brothers.

 Uladh and Alba: Gaelic names for Ulster and Scotland

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