My books at Shelf Life, Cardiff

What a lovely bookshop Cardiff’s  Shelf Life is. Small, but perfectly formed if what you’re looking for are books that are radical.

What does ‘radical’ mean?

Owner, Rosie Smith favours stocking less-heard voices. She wants book-buyers to come across topics and people and situations that they may not have previously known about. She says:

“I want to engender solidarity between readers and the people they read about, and between communities. I stock the kind of books that can foster compassion. I hope they encourage a less individualistic approach to life. I’m a fan of collectivism.”

Bookseller, Rosie Smith in Shelf Life

Since those are my ideals too I am very glad that Shelf Life now has my books

At Shelf Life you can find my poetry collection Sanctuary: There Must Be Somewhere and  my short story collection A City Burning

Rosie opened Shelf Life in August 2020. Before that she ran a pop-up and then moved to selling online, always with the emphasis on socially-conscious books. She has ambitions to branch out into facilitating greater engagement between her customers.

If you want to buy from a bookseller who knows her stock in detail because each book is carefully chosen , then this is the bookshop for you.

Shelf Life is on Cowbridge Road East. It’s part of The Corp Market , acommunity hub which houses a variety of traders and services. See below