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Workshop Deviser and Trainer :
Writers: Pitch Your Film includes practice pitches to Film Agency for Wales  21 March 2014
Awduron:  Gwerthwch Eich Ffilm 
Mae CULT Cymru’n gweithio mewn partneriaeth ag Asiantaeth Ffilm Cymru i gynnig cwrs undydd i Awduron.   Nod y cwrs ymarferol hwn yw helpu awduron i wella’u gwerthfawrogiad o gynnwys a photensial eu syniad a’i gyflwyno mewn modd gafaelgar a phroffesiynol.
Writers:  Pitch Your Film  CULT Cymru in partnership with Film Agency Wales on a one day workshop for Writers.   The aim of this practical course is to help writers to hone their appreciation of the content of their idea and its potential and present it in an engaging and business like way.

“A focused and productive workshop on Pitching.”

“I really loved the discipline, directness, and time-keeping. It was a fantastic  workshop which really worked for me…. a slick, polished, professional workshop. Thanks a million.”

“Thank you for running the Pitching Workshop.  I found it very helpful and it has given me a lot of ‘food for thought’. ”

“I am reading through the handbook, which is impressively thorough.”

“The course…. put us in front of real world industry decision makers. On top of the practical pitching advice and training, sitting in front of Film Agency Wales representatives added a sense of opportunity which was definitely an invaluable experience.”

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