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Inclusivity in Film – Launchpad:Access

I really enjoyed Launchpad:Access held in Cardiff on 13th May. Organised by Ffilm Cymru Wales in partnership with Hijinx Theatre, CULT Cymru, Disability Arts, Diverse Cymru and Equity, it aimed to get more deaf and disabled people represented in, and working on, film, both on screen and behind the camera. Many of the principles and insights presented would apply across media. I attended in order to improve my understanding of the experience of deaf and disabled people working in film and how I might, as a writer and tv producer, respond more creatively to that. Continue reading Inclusivity in Film – Launchpad:Access

Getting a Foot in the Door – Increasing Diversity in Film in Wales

What’s not to like about a scheme which tackles more than one problem at a time? Ffilm Cymru Wales has launched Foot in the Door / Troed yn y Drws  focused on a large group of people in Wales who are currently hampered by exclusion from the workforce, while the workforce is hampered by losing out on their skills. Continue reading Getting a Foot in the Door – Increasing Diversity in Film in Wales

Dancing into Documentary


On May 22nd I gave a class for students of Communication from Michigan State University. Every year the university organises a trip to the UK for students to learn about the media here. For the last four years I’ve given the group an hour about documentary in Wales but since by now I’ve formed the impression that for most of them documentary is not an area that is high on their agenda I also offer a sort of basic consideration of what documentary is and what it can do.

As the group left yesterday one of them said, with a brilliant smile, ‘Thank you for teaching us to DANCE!’ So what has dancing got to do with documentary? Continue reading Dancing into Documentary


I contribute regularly to several radio shows:  BBC RADIO 2 Pause for Thought since 2010, BBC RADIO WALES  Weekend Word and Wednesday Word since 2009,  All Things Considered and BBC RADIO CYMRU Rhaglen Dei Tomos

Finalist                             Jerusalem Award for Best Broadcast, Easter 2011, Pause For Thought, BBC Radio 2
BBC Bursary                    BBC Writing for Radio Course, 2011

The Jamie Owen SHow
The Jamie Owen Show
Film Review: Mandela, Calvary, Marvellous
Film Review: Mandela, Calvary, Marvellous

CULT Cymru: Writers – Pitch Your FIlm


CULT Cymru

Workshop Deviser and Trainer :
Writers: Pitch Your Film includes practice pitches to Film Agency for Wales  21 March 2014
Awduron:  Gwerthwch Eich Ffilm 
Mae CULT Cymru’n gweithio mewn partneriaeth ag Asiantaeth Ffilm Cymru i gynnig cwrs undydd i Awduron.   Nod y cwrs ymarferol hwn yw helpu awduron i wella’u gwerthfawrogiad o gynnwys a photensial eu syniad a’i gyflwyno mewn modd gafaelgar a phroffesiynol.
Writers:  Pitch Your Film  CULT Cymru in partnership with Film Agency Wales on a one day workshop for Writers.   The aim of this practical course is to help writers to hone their appreciation of the content of their idea and its potential and present it in an engaging and business like way.

Continue reading CULT Cymru: Writers – Pitch Your FIlm

Workshop Design and Delivery

Working as a Writer in Health and Social Care Settings    outline 16/17 February 2013 Delivered by Graham Hartill
Portfolio Development                                                     outline ongoing
Presenting and Pitching                                                   outline ongoing
Pitching Creative Ideas
(BVSNW – Professional Development for Black and Minority Artists and Creatives in Wales)  Pitching Event 4 Oct 2012
Working as a Writer in Educational and Community Settings (in development)