ACS & DOCS Cardiff University

Another fascinating group of people on my workshop for academics about involvement in tv documentary on 1st March.

This three-hour session for Cardiff University Graduate College covers what an academic needs to know about how tv documentary gets developed, commissioned and made and how academics can contribute successfully and enjoyably. Universities commonly offer training in how to engage with news via sound-bites but seldom on what it means to be involved in long-form output or series.

The feedback was uniformly excellent.

Very clear and concise on the ‘documentary practicality’
General knowledge about production
Practical, focussed on how to get an idea pitched and what it takes to make a    documentary

Interesting topic! Nice style and mix of activity and lecture
A very good interactive session
Very informative and broad.

Good way to get knowledge of an area that is not covered enough in academia
Interesting information and advice for an academic interested in boosting their impact through media
Interesting, covered many things I wouldn’t even have considered before training