Poetry & Current Affairs

The pace of current events worldwide seems to have accelerated. That is probably not the case, merely an impression, since what qualifies as an event must depend on the point of view from which circumstances are being judged. Undoubtedly , the upheavals in Russia and their impact on other countries are major events. Their impetus shifts bewilderingly fast. How can poetry keep up?

I felt compelled to write a poem in immediate reaction to news that Yevgeny Prigohzin had launched a march on Moscow. I had scarcely finished it when the headline was that he had called it off.

I wrote this article about my experience of crafting a poem about events that were changing with extraordinary speed.  It was published by the Institute of Welsh Affairs. It includes my poem, Prighozin’s Galley Slaves.

Poetry and Current Affairs

Zoe Brigley, co-editor of Poetry Wales, edited the first draft of this article.

Peterloo Massacre, print published by Richard Carlile, 1 Oct 1819 (Manchester ArchivesCC BY-NC 2.0)