100 Women of Wales on Twitter

I’m very pleased to be nominated among  Wales Arts Review ‘s most followable women tweeters in Wales on International Women’s Day. And especially that my displayed tweet is a recent bilingual one.

#IWD | 100 Women of Wales on Twitter

100 women of Wales who we think you should be following on Twitter (if you’re not already). Here is a list of women who will keep you informed, entertained and inspired on social media’s premier platform.

To see each person’s profile click on the red, but each highlighted tweet is fully interactive and you can “follow” simply by clicking on follow.

Please use social media to give a shout out to those you think we should be following

This is a great idea as it showcases engaged women across a variety of fields and makes it extra easy to follow them.

Take a look.

Today I was tweeting about the submission to the Welsh Assembly’s Inquiry into the Future of S4C by the Media Policy Group which I chair for the Institute of Welsh Affairs, and about the  evidence session held this morning, 8th March.