Artistry & Poetry on the Jamie Owen Show

I first worked in radio for the BBC in Wales in 1981. I’m still learning. On the 2nd July 2017 on the Jamie Owen Show I learned: always have your opening prepared, no matter how informal the programme.  The right blend of spontaneity and clarity flows more easily after that.

This show mixes recorded music, live performance, two guest commentators and two interviewees. The brief is weird and wonderful angles on the week’s news so, along with fellow commentator, comedian, Frank Honeybone, I enjoyed sharing some ‘couldn’t-make-it-up’ stories with listeners.

Sarah Brown

It was a treat to be in the studio hearing Sarah Brown sing. How impressive it is to see someone step into performing mode and deliver a song about passion and failure and then, seamlessly, ‘come back’ to us. That’s an artist for you.

Street photographer, Math Roberts, interviewed about his projects, made me think about poetry because he works hard to perceive, beneath the surface of everyday life, those moments when something beautiful appears. This shot below: what ingredients could be more banal: puddle, butcher, pigeon, shop and yet…

‘butcher-pigeon’ copyright Math Roberts

I strongly recommend his ‘art narratives’ section where he showcases some attempts to find ‘beauty within the mundane’, as he puts it. He succeeds. A literal eye-opener through the eye of the camera.

And Head Chef, Lee Graham brought samples of the cuisine planned for the opening of refurbished venue

The Philharmonic Cardiff | Bar & Restaurant