1st Prize Bridgend Open Short Story Competition 2017

It is such an encouragement to win this competition. Adjudicator, Laura Foakes said of my story, Acting Abby:

This multi-layered story stayed with me long after each reading, which is always a sign of a job well done. The author conveyed her understanding of the vagaries of the human condition in a profound but unsentimental way. The wistful first-person narration drew me immediately into the story and the “voice” was strong.

I particularly liked the device of using a stage play as a metaphor for the judgements people/audiences make, and the eventual unfolding of the “choice” the narrator made. The author invites us to judge at our peril. This is a very accomplished and thought provoking piece of work.

The competition is run annually by the Bridgend Writers’ Circle  whose members meet monthly at Carnegie House in the town centre. I was struck by their dedication to the craft of writing and realise I have a lot to learn about the network of writers, writers’ groups and competitions in the UK.

The experience of reading my story aloud was valuable because I  experienced it in a new way. It’s something I’ll do more of, during the writing process,  to give myself some useful perspective on the work.

Linda Jones receives second prize: L/R Janine Enos, Competition Co-ordinator; Linda Jones; Laura Foakes, Adjudicator; Alex Marshall, Chairman

I couldn’t have been made more welcome and novelist Laura Foakes has kindly read a story currently in draft and offered me valuable comments.

And, as a bonus, I got to see Bridgend’s War Memorial (I gravitate towards those!). A strikingly sensual Britannia.

Bridgend’s Britannia War Memorial 1921

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