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Merthyr Meirionnydd – A Welsh Martyr

“Here’s a man who plays hide and seek with the secret police and cuts his prison cell bars to escape as he faces the gallows”, says Guto Harri in this 60-minute documentary about St John Roberts (repeated on Sunday, 3rd April at 10pm on S4C with English sub-titles). “He acts more like James Bond than a saint. The issues underlying the history are echoed today, dealing as they do with someone considered to be a religious extremist, living abroad and considered a threat to the very fabric of the state.”


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DNA CYMRU series gets underway


8pm St David’s Day our new series on the history of Wales begins with an introductory programme. The series examines the potential of ancestral DNA to contribute towards the understanding of the past.

I have been very struck, while working on it, by a dual theme that emerges: Continuity  and Change. Humanity values both of these. Continuity promotes stability, the mastering of skills, the memorialising of the past so that it can feed the future. Change calls out new skills to integrate with established ones and it means encountering people and attitudes that challenge conclusions drawn from hard-won experience.

The material in the series has made me consider the relationship between the body and what we use the body to do; between ‘the givens’ of our lives – our physical inheritance – and the choices we make about our lives – our culture and our approach to life. Continue reading DNA CYMRU series gets underway

The Story of Wales on iTunes U

Producer, Specialist Content

44 mini-documentaries, Welsh and English –  Welsh history for schools 7 – 16 years; presenter, Huw Edwards.  A Green Bay Media Production for Welsh Government
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Available on iTunes in English and Welsh.

Slavery and Wales
Makhosi Rambakupetwa as Nathaniel Wells of Piercefield, Chepstow
Devolution in Wales
Huw Edwards and Crew, No. 10 Downing Street
Huw Edwards and Crew, No. 10 Downing Street