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The Story of Wales on iTunes U

Producer, Specialist Content

44 mini-documentaries, Welsh and English –  Welsh history for schools 7 – 16 years; presenter, Huw Edwards.  A Green Bay Media Production for Welsh Government
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Available on iTunes in English and Welsh.

Slavery and Wales
Makhosi Rambakupetwa as Nathaniel Wells of Piercefield, Chepstow
Devolution in Wales
Huw Edwards and Crew, No. 10 Downing Street
Huw Edwards and Crew, No. 10 Downing Street

Expertise Exchange: Uniting Research and Practice for TV in Wales and beyond

Expertise Exchange: Uniting Research and Practice for TV in Wales and beyond is a joint RTS / Cardiff University School of Journalism (JOMEC) event.  See my blog post on the JOMEC website.


  • Professor Justin Lewis and Llion Iwan, Content Commissioner, Factual and Sport, S4C
    Consumerism, the hidden driver behind all TV production?
  • Professor Karin Wahl-Jorgensen and Ashok Ahir, of Communications Agency, mela; former Head of Politics, BBC Cymru Wales.  Impartiality and representation of opinion on TV news
  • Dr Cindy Carter and Huw Foulkes, Broadcast Journalist, Ffeil & Newyddion 9, BBC CymruWhat TV news provision does the younger teen audience want?
  • Dr Ross Garner and Mike Talbot, Series Editor, Wales This Week, ITV Wales
    Producing the ‘Mainstream’ in Wales
  • Professor Jenny Kitzinger and Erika Hossington, Series Producer, Casualty, BBC Cymru Wales
    How can TV drama represent family experiences of long term ‘coma’?

DSCF5997 (3)

An enjoyable and thought-provoking event resulting in 3 on-going partnerships:

  • Prof Jenny Kitzinger and Erika Hossington: a potential new storyline involving coma next year for ‘Casualty’.
  • Dr Ross Garner and Mike Talbot: collaboration on producing tv in Wales for the mainstream.
  • Dr Cindy Carter and Huw Foulkes: collaboration on News for young teenagers.

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CEWN TV Documentary Project

Creative Partner

1176098The CEWN TV Documentary Project is a study of the methodologies of academic and media research with Academic Partner, Jayne Hall (Senior Lecturer, Design Theory, University of South Wales).  This was part of an AHRC – A4B/Welsh Government project linking creative academics and businesses in Wales.  Funded by Creative Crucible.

IMG_0878[1]This project aims to explore the methodologies of academic and mediaresearch in order to assess whether there are principles in each which could positively affect the other’s practice. The aim is to lead to improved Research Impact and Public Engagement on the one hand and, on the other, to better application of academic research in the broadcast media. Both methodologies will be brought to bear collaboratively on an under-explored episode in Wales’s recent history – the ‘Brown Babies’ story – to produce, ultimately, a proposal for a TV documentary. Continue reading CEWN TV Documentary Project


My upbringing amongst conflict in Northern Ireland convinced me early of the necessity of engaging with those whose outlook is different from mine.  After many years’ experience in inter-denominational encounter I sought to create spaces in which I could come close to the experience of members of religions other than my own, people of other beliefs and of atheists.

I  start from an emphasis not on ideas or theories but on life lived. The sharing of experience, of what happens when people ‘do’ what they believe, encourages realism and builds respect. It fosters attentive listening and enriches and enlarges one’s own experience.

From Scripture To Life, Convener.
Jewish, Muslim, Christian dialogue 2008 – present.
Each month a phrase is chosen from the scriptures of the 3 faiths, put into practice by the respective faith members and the experiences shared.

The Group, Convener.
Atheist, Agnostic, Believer dialogue 2010 – 2011
What’s it like to live without religious faith or as an agnostic or as a believer?  Each month a theme agreed to be put into practice and the experiences shared.

What Our Lives Say – Seminar leader, Worth Abbey 2011
We assert what we believe. What does the way we live say about what we believe?

“the ease with which you approach your audience…with sensitivity and confidence”

“You held us spellbound … everyone was most complimentary”

Seeing and Being Seen – Seminar leader, Aylesford Priory, 20th Sept 2013

“a born communicator”

“your gentle style of presentation – people are assured that you are speaking to them”

“leaving your listeners with food for thought – with the excellent aide memoire for future reference”

Keynote Speaker at 2015’s Regenerate conference 13th – 15th February

Multiculturalism – Do You Care? Young Muslims, Christians, Atheists


Journalism in The Tablet, The Furrow, Religious Life Review, New City, Doctrine and Life, Reality etc

Workshop Design and Delivery

Working as a Writer in Health and Social Care Settings    outline 16/17 February 2013 Delivered by Graham Hartill
Portfolio Development                                                     outline ongoing
Presenting and Pitching                                                   outline ongoing
Pitching Creative Ideas
(BVSNW – Professional Development for Black and Minority Artists and Creatives in Wales)  Pitching Event 4 Oct 2012
Working as a Writer in Educational and Community Settings (in development)